Who is Stratadice™ for?


Make it your personal companion to a higher impact career. The depth of research that went into the creation of the Stratadice™ framework means that the game stays relevant as your professional life develops.


Use the game framework in conjunction with our high-performance development program to create something unique that other provides do not do. We have a development program that focusses on real impact, not empty promises.​

The facilitator ​

Use as an icebreaker to energize your sales meetings, team building events or corporate retreats​.

Career coaches​

Use to create career pathways for your clients and act as a trigger point for in-depth discussions.

How is it played?


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The Stratadice™ game, its future special editions and its Inspirations card deck can be played in three different ways. Each instructions booklet has further details of each of these, in summary.​

Random play​
This is excellent for motivation and inspiration .

Passive play​
This is brain food for generating abstract ideas to complex problems​.

Serious play​
This is great for really making a positive impact on your life. ​