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Introduction to Stratadice™

  • "Highly Recommend"

    "I highly recommend engaging with the company if you are a leader or are an aspiring leader, who wants to gain that edge, and bring your performance to the next level."

    Jonathan Rafferty

    Senior Manager, Global Financial Services.

    Dublin, Ireland.

  • "Love The Passive Play"

    "I love the idea of "Passive Play" - look at the dice images and just daydream..... it's a great way to take a moment, relax and hit the reset button especially if one is having a hectic/tough day!"

    Cristina Blazek-Hearty

    Director of Advertising and External Affairs. Information Services.

    Connecticut, United States

  • "Exciting"

    "Exciting delivery from Stratadice - look forward to digesting this and putting it into our employee engagement workshops"

    Orlagh Ennis

    Senior Leader, Change Management.

    London, United Kingdom.

  • "Exactly What We Needed"

    "Our sales performance had dipped, so we had to shake things up. We hosted a Stratadice™ workshop, and it was exactly what we needed. Performance has improved, revenue is up, and we have now hired the Stratadice™ team for the longer term."

    Flavio Huertas

    Team Lead, Fintech.

    New York, United States

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Why Choose Stratadice™?

We make the world's best personal development products.

  • Rigorous Research

    The products are developed combining deep academic research and 20+ years of international performance consulting.

  • Track Record

    The team, led by Creator Dr. Michael K. Needham, have a stellar track record in building high performing individuals, teams and organizations.

  • Gamified

    The learning process is enhanced through gamification. Make improvement fun to do.

  • Convenient

    Bring the dice with you wherever you go. You can go deeper if you want to. Organize a workshop or training program.