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Why Choose Stratadice™?

Open your mind to possibilities

  • Credibility

    The game is based on research by creator Dr. Michael K. Needham. It is designed to open your mind to possibilities and motivate action.

  • Gamified

    The learning process is enhanced through gamification. Its fun to play!

  • Impactful

    The Stratadice technique has been used by more than 23k creative problem solvers and innovators across Europe and North America.

  • "Got us to market"

    "Out team was stuck. We needed something new to breakthough and launch. Stratadice created the creative space we needed to win."

    Flavio Huertas

    Team Lead, Fintech.

    New York, United States

  • "Fun and Exciting"

    "Exciting delivery from Stratadice - look forward to digesting this and putting it into our employee engagement workshops"

    Orlagh Ennis

    Senior Leader, Change Management.

    London, United Kingdom.

  • "Highly Recommend"

    "I highly recommend engaging with Stratadice if you are a leader or are an aspiring leader."

    Jonathan Rafferty

    Senior Manager, Global Financial Services.

    Dublin, Ireland.

  • "Love The Passive Play"

    "I love the idea of "Passive Play" - look at the dice images and just daydream..... it's a great way to take a moment, relax and hit the reset button"

    Cristina Blazek-Hearty

    Director of Advertising and External Affairs. Information Services.

    Connecticut, United States

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