Is Change Management and Organizational Change the same thing?

Is Change Management and Organizational Change the same thing?

Organizational behavior and change management are closely related, but they differ in their focus and approach. Here are some of the similarities and differences:


  • Both organizational behavior and change management are concerned with improving organizational performance and effectiveness.
  • Both fields involve understanding human behavior within an organizational context.
  • Both require effective communication, leadership, and collaboration skills to achieve success.


  • Organizational behavior focuses on understanding and managing individual and group behavior within an organization, while change management focuses on the process of planning and implementing change within an organization.
  • Organizational behavior tends to be more theoretical and academic, while change management is more practical and action-oriented.
  • Organizational behavior may involve ongoing, long-term efforts to improve organizational culture and effectiveness, while change management typically involves specific, time-bound initiatives to achieve a specific goal.
  • Organizational behavior often emphasizes the importance of employee engagement, while change management may involve top-down decision-making and may not always involve employee input or participation.

Overall, organizational behavior and change management are complementary fields that work together to help organizations achieve their goals. Effective change management requires a deep understanding of organizational behavior and the ability to apply that knowledge to implement change in a way that maximizes success and minimizes resistance.

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